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What do I do if your machine won't accept my credit card?

All accepted payment methods for our car park's are available on our website. 

If the car park in question doesn't accept your credit card, you can still make payment by contacting our National Customer Care team. Our team are available to assist 24/7 and can be reached by pressing the intercom button at the car park or by contacting us on 1300 727 483 and selecting option "2" in the first menu.

To confirm what methods of payment are accepted at your preferred car park, we recommend visiting the car park page of the car park in question.

You can do so by clicking the button to "Find a Car Park", located at the top of the page on our website and following the prompts to search. Once you're on the page of the car park in question, scroll down on the right hand-side til you see "Payment Methods".

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