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When I visited the car park, I could not locate the Secure-a-Spot touch screen. I had to take a ticket or use my credit card to enter and exit the car park and had to pay for my parking at a much higher rate – Am I entitled to a refund?

All Secure-a-Spot car parks have clearly marked Secure-a-Spot touch-screens located next to the ticket machine at every entry and exit within the car park. In the event that you are unable to locate a Secure-a-Spot touch screen at the entry of the Secure-a-Spot car park, we recommend that you press the intercom button and speak to one of our customer service team members for advice. If you take a ticket at the entry instead of using the 5-digit Access Code on the Secure-a-Spot Touch Screen, you may be liable to pay for parking at the standard rate for the period parked, in addition to the Secure-a-Spot online transaction.


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