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I've lost my ticket, what can I do?

As we cannot determine the length of time that you have spent in the car park, a lost ticket fee will be charged. You can pay the lost ticket fee by selecting "Lost Ticket", on the car park equipment. Otherwise, you can pay by contacting a member of our National Customer Care team by pressing the intercom, or calling us on 1300 727 483 and selecting option 2.

To confirm what the lost ticket fee is for your chosen car park, you can find this on the rate board at the pay station, entry and exit of the car park. 

You can also visit the car park page of the car park in question on our website. To do so, click the button to "Find a Car Park", located at the top of the page on our website and following the prompts to search. Once you're on the page of the car park in question, scroll down on the right hand-side til you see "Special Conditions - Things You Need to Know".

We strongly recommend keeping your ticket in a safe place to ensure you pay the appropriate rate for the time you have spent in the car park. We also recommend keeping your ticket away from your mobile phone, as this may damage the magnetic strip.

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